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Bassoons Mollenhauer Pre-War A second hand pre-war Gustav Mollenhauer bassoon for sale in great condition Click Here to View . This is a fine example of a vintage G. Mollenhauer bassoon. Mollenhauer bassoons have a beautiful singing sound, are light to hold, easy to blow and tonally very sweet. These old Mollenhauer bassoons have a surprisingly good projection and are played by some professionally in the UK. G. Mollenhauer still produce bassoons and contrabassoons. Their contrabassoons are world renowned. They are also well regarded for the bassoons they were making pre-world war two, which are largely hand made and of fine quality with a resonant sound. This bassoon has received a full overhaul in our workshops including all new pads, corks and felts, professional keywork set up with all springs and pad heights carefully adjusted for optimal playing capabilities, multiple bore oil and much more. It is offered for sale in outstanding working order. This bassoon features: Warm, direct and sweet sound. Good intonation. Original varnish in excellent condition with charming patina (the original varnish is quite soft and wears evenly when handled) Nickel plating in excellent condition. A suitable level of keywork for playing to a good standard. No high D key, but plays freely in the high register without it, right hand little finger rollers (none for left hand but the keys are very light to touch), two trill keys, alternate Bb-F#-G# keys, alternate low Eb key, French whisper key for left hand little finger, high G ring key. Original Mollenhauer crook which is a good match. £5,500 GBP 01633 677729
Newport, UK

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