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Bassoons Heckel 12000 A Heckel 12000 series bassoon for sale (127XX). Very unusually high specification of keywork, including 13 rollers, high F key and lots of other extra keys to facilitate an advanced level of playing. Learn more about this bassoon: Click Here This bassoon has been fully and sympathetically restored to the very highest standard in our workshops over the last six months. It has beautiful new hand-rubbed, natural-oil-based varnish for maximum flexibility and resonance which allows the natural grain and beauty of the wood to shine through from underneath. This is a magnificent instrument with a big, dark sound, pure tenor register and superb intonation. All keywork and metalwork has been re-plated, it has all new pads, corks and felts; the bore has multiple coats of natural oil and it has been professionally set up with the greatest care. This is a rare opportunity to own a 12000 series Heckel bassoon in like-new condition, which needs absolutely no work doing to it. This bassoon features: Incredible projection and dynamic range. Warm, round, and direct Heckel sound. Outstanding intonation. New natural-oil-based varnish applied by our in-house varnish specialist, hand-rubbed with multiple layers using special techniques to allow the maple wood to resonate freely. Keywork and metalwork fully re-plated in nickel to match the original nickel plating. A lot of extra keys including high D, high E and high F keys, 13 rollers, French whisper key (plus the standard whisper key) and also an extra right hand whisper key mechanism adjacent to right hand thumb Bb touch, high A bridge, unusual but effective automatic Ab/Bb trill mechanism (finger Ab plus Bb with right thumb and trill G key), alternate low C# tone hole to facilitate automatic low C# to Eb trill, extra high G to G# trill tone hole with ring key (just above 1 finger hole on butt joint), right hand whisper key lock, right hand Eb trill key, low E to low F link arm so low E can be pressed on its own without the low F, offset right hand C# trill key, extra low C key. Brass tenon rings, double-lined bore on butt joint, sterling silver water tubes extending into the bore. £55,000 01633 677729
Newport UK

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