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Saxophones Beaugnier 'Duke' era Beaugnier Soprano sax 'Duke' model 39 S in silver. Totally straight, in beautiful original condition. Nevertheless this is a 50 yr old instrument so don't expect it to be cosmetically perfect. Study pics.
Superb intonation as is the repute of Beaugniers from the late '60s onwards. Keyed to high F. Easy to play up to altissimo A with a nice strong delivery. Action is light, responsive, snappy. Clear tone with lots of colouring and brilliance. Recorked, stripped and oiled. Original pads from '70s that seal 100%. No need to replace assuming you like them firm. Very nice thinnish pads with original metal resos. Sold with an as new light weight JW Eastman case (CE 188B) with shoulder straps costing £150, perfect fit. Play tests welcome London NW2.
£900 07828 170250
London NW

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