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Saxophones B&S B&S 2001 Series Alto Saxophone made in Germany.There's a lot of mystique surrounding this little-known manufacturer (now no longer in business), which is perhaps typical of the cohort of manufacturers based around the German/Czech block. This sax has a lot of character. It has silver keys and Mother-of-Pearl button inlays and is beautifully engraved on the body along with the words Markneukirchen-Kungenthal in German. The serial numbers for the pieces all match. A green carry case with a black velvety interior accompanies the instrument, in addition to a Yanagisawa mouthpiece and, if needed, a saxophone stand, cleaning mop and basic music stand.Something I must highlight is the fact that there is a very small indentation on the bow and the bell which were there when I purchased it. I must stress however, that this by no means detracts from the wonderful sound quality of the instrument.In addition, there are slight marks on the bell, body and ligature, due to tarnishing in it's previous life. I have removed most of this with Charcoal and Brasso and as such, these are only noticeable when up close. £650 07593655170
Tottington Bury UK

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