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Stolen Instruments Getzen An excellent condition Getzen Bousfield model trombone with f-attatchment in a large aluminium, foam lined and wheeled flight case, titled The Tank. There is some lacquer wear on on the slide where my left hand holds the trombone and a Neotech hand grip base fixed there. In the case there is a mouthpiece pouch with both a Griego 3.5 Nouveau and a Griego CS5 mouthpiece. On the bell there is an ID engraved indicating that the trombone was the ~42nd 3147IB made, (something like IB0042 *I THINK*) The case included an application for HM Revenue and Customs which included my name and details as well as purchase information from Prozone Music.
Was very na´vely left unattended near the Willesden Green tube station for ~5 minutes, en route to Heathrow Airport and in the wee small hours of the morning. Accompanied by a large, wheeled, grey and blue duffel bag (possibly manufactured by Eagle Creek) containing my clothes and several unwrapped gifts for my niece and other family members, (a stuffed animal, baby clothing, a CD of Respighi's Rome Trilogy, a CD of Walton 1, a CD of Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus, trombone cleaning items, etc.)
 Trombone 07570116080
Willesden Green, London

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